M1 vs M4 vs MX, Which Torque Tank Sled is Perfect For Your Home Gym?

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Here at GymCrafter, I’ve already addressed the question of whether or not a magnetic sled is worth the money, as well as given 16 reasons everyone needs a sled in their home gym.

I’ve even thoroughly tested all of the current sled models so that I can recommend the best one to you. And, in my opinion, Torque fitness is your best option.

If you’re here reading this article, you’ve come to the same conclusion. But which Torque tank sled model is perfect for your home gym? Which of their three models, the M1, M4, and MX, will you use and enjoy the most?

Torque Tank Sled Comparison Table

Tank M1
Tank M4
Tank MX
78 lbs.
198 lbs.
244 lbs.
Magnetic Resistance
Train On Any Surface
Rubber Coated Handles
Weather Safe Paint
3 Resistance Levels
Opptional Console
Optional Wall Storage
Storage Included
Dual Brakes
MX mode (+25% resistance)
Lower Handle Bar
Larger Tires

What Makes A Magnetic Resistance Sled Ideal For Home Gyms?

Today, sleds are all the rage. Commercial gyms are installing turf runs for them daily. And garage gym enthusiasts worldwide have been looking for ways to emulate this at home. I haven’t seen a piece of fitness equipment get that popular that fast since the popularization of the kettlebell to the US in the late 1990s.

Traditional sleds (aka prowlers) work great if you have a long run of turf installed at your home. Most people don’t due to space and budget constraints. And dragging a metal sled across the cement outside your home is a fast way to make the neighbors hate you!

What’s the solution? Magnetic resistance sleds on inflatable tires. This technology (patented by Torque Fitness) allows sleds to not only be silent but also be used on various surfaces. No turf needed!

Add variable resistance, a ton of useful accessories, and a growing body or programming, and you have the ideal addition to virtually any home gym! Now, let’s find the perfect model for you.

Which Torque Tank Sled Model Is Best For Home Gyms?

The Torque Fitness M1 tank sled is the ideal magnetic resistance sled option for most home gyms. Of the M1, M4, and MX, it’s the smallest and least expensive, yet still fully featured and nearly silent. It can be stored on the wall for added space and used on virtually any surface.

Torque Fitness M1 Magnetic Resistance Tank Sled
My beloved and well-used Torque M1 sled

Are there circumstances that would warrant buying the M4 or the MX for your home gym? Sure! Just not a lot. So let’s start with a quick review of why the M1 is my top recommendation for garage and basement gyms. Then, I’ll address who might benefit from the much more expensive M4 and MX models.

Why The Tank M1 Is Ideal For Most Home Gyms

I’ve already covered all the reasons to buy a Torque tank sled in the first place. But what about the M1 specifically?

Torque M1 sled
My M1

Let’s start with the price. Most of us are on a budget, and even those with unlimited funds may have difficulty justifying the huge price jump to move to the M4 or MX.

The M4, at the time of this writing, is 2x the price of the M1. The MX is 3x the price (check all current sale prices here). While that may be worth it for group trainers, CrossFit boxes, or commercial gyms, it’s usually not for those of us training in our garage.

Next, we need to consider size and space constraints. Just as very few of us have an unlimited budget. We also don’t have unlimited space. And let’s be honest. These magnetic sleds are huge!

Not only does the M1 have the smallest footprint of the three models, but it’s the only one that can be entirely stored on the wall (additional wall mount needed for this). This feature is invaluable to anyone tight on space!

Lastly, let’s look at what has become one of my go-to exercises as of late: Wheelbarrow carries. Since the M1 has a single front wheel, adding the wheelbarrow handles as an accessory allows me to use it as a resisted wheelbarrow with instability added by the single front wheel.

This unstable carry has quickly become one of my favorite loaded carry exercises. And because of the single front wheel, the “unstable” part is only on the M1. If I had the MX (the other model you can buy wheelbarrow handles for), I could do wheelbarrow carries, but its dual front wheels take away the unstable element. And that’s the best part!

Looking at the upgrades that make the M4 and MX cost more, most are geared toward group training or commercial use. Yes, there are a couple of feature differences that an individual training at home would use. But I think most folks would choose to do without those features in lieu of a much lower price.

Who Is The Tank M4 Best Suited For?

The tank M4, in my opinion, is best suited for personal trainers—especially personal trainers who facilitate group training classes.

The full-size handles on both sides, along with matching anchor points, allow the M4 to be used in the same way from either end. This allows two people to use the sled in a back-and-forth manner.

There are also specific group training accessories for the M4, like the group training anchor and the group accessory kit.

The ability to use the M4 equally from either side is also beneficial for those training at home with a training partner. Pushing and pulling the M4 back and forth between each other is engaging and fun. 

I always end up working much harder when I train with someone else than I do alone, and the M4 is ideal for this. So, if it’s more than just you using the sled at home, the M4 may be worth the upgrade.

Torque M4 sleds
The M4 is ideal for group training or training with a partner.

Outside of that, I don’t see anything else on the M4 that makes it worth $900 more to a single-user training in their garage or basement.

One last honest personal insight. If money weren’t an issue for me, I probably would have bought the M4 for my gym. I have room to store it and like the heavier build quality. I have no regrets about owning the M1, but I do tend to opt for overbuilt when I can afford it.

Who Is The Tank MX Best Suited For?

Unless you like to buy the biggest and best of everything, and money doesn’t matter, I don’t see any compelling reasons to buy the MX for a home gym.

If you have multiple users at home, the M4 is perfect for you (and the M1 would work well too). The MX is primarily designed for commercial and heavy-use applications.

It’s unfortunate, but the general public doesn’t do a great job of caring for things that aren’t theirs. See all the unreturned weights in your local weight room, the benches covered in sweat that don’t get wiped down, and the spilled sticky drinks on the treadmills.

Torque MX sled
Look at the size of that thing!!!

When you buy things for a heavily used commercial gym, you have to buy the most overbuilt item you can just so that it will last. And that’s what the MX is best suited for. It’s a tank in form as well as in name!

What To Spend Your Money On Instead of Buying An Upgraded Model Tank Sled

The only legitimate reason to buy the M4 or MX over the M1 would be that the upgraded model gave you more versatility or needed functionality.

And while the M4 and MX certainly offer upgraded features and use cases, there is a much better and less expensive way to do this.

Vstrap attached to a torque M1
I use this V strap almost every day.

Adding a few key accessories to your Torque tank sled, regardless of the model, opens up a whole new world of functionality. Much more so than buying an upgraded model.

In other words, I’ll take my Tank M1 with 4-5 key accessories over the M4 all day long. Not only do I expand the usability of my M1, but I will spend $500-$800 less in total!!!

I’ve written a detailed guide to every single Torque Tank accessory available that you can read here. There are many options, and virtually anyone can find an accessory or two that will greatly enhance their training.

That said, I firmly believe anyone who owns a Torque Tank magnetic resistance sled should own the following accessories:

Tow Rope

Adding a tow rope allows you to train your upper body and arms very effectively with a tank sled. Without it, you simply can’t do that.

Sprint Harness

Backward sled work and explosive dynamic movements are a huge addition to anyone’s training, and this harness gives you a comfortable and easy way to do that.

V Strap

This gives you two handles with which you can do lateral, rotational, and more upper-body work. It allows you to do rows and provides a ton of flexibility with the angles used to pull your sled.

Get The Kit

Another great way to get added functionality, the best accessories, AND save some money is to buy one of the Torque kits. They have a wide selection of kits, all at a discounted price.

Here are the three kits I recommend most for garage and basement gym owners.

Tank M1 Athlete Kit

This kit is designed for folks who want to train dynamically, explosively, and like an athlete. This kit includes:

  • M1 sled
  • M1 console
  • Dumbbell cradles
  • Tow kit
  • Clamp phone holder

This kit will save you almost $150 over buying all this separately. You can check its current sale pricing here.

Tank M1 Complete Kit

This kit is ideal for home and garage gym owners. It’s the kit I bought for my gym and the one I recommend to almost anyone who asks. This kit includes:

  • M1 sled
  • M1 console
  • Dumbbells cradles
  • V Strap
  • Tow rope
  • Tow strap and sprint harness
  • Wheelbarrow handles
  • Wall mounted storage

Buying this kit will save you $154 over buying all this separately. You can check its current sale pricing here.

Tank M4 Complete Kit

If you think you’re a candidate for the upgraded M4 model, this kit will be perfect for you. It includes:

  • M4 sled
  • Tow rope
  • Sprint harness/tow kit
  • Weight horn kit
  • Swivel attachment

Buying this kit will save you almost $200! You can check its current sale price here.

The Verdict

If you want to make the most of your Torque tank sled experience, buying the right model for your needs makes sense. Luckily, most folks training in a home gym will love a tank M1.

If added functionality is needed, buying one of the M1 kits (athlete or complete) also makes a lot of sense. Or at least add a few key accessories that meet your training needs.


Does the M4 have better traction than the M1?

Kind of. If you put the M4 and M1 side by side with no added weight to the M1, the M4 has more traction. Adding weight plates to the M1 fixes this difference, and I can’t tell a difference in traction between the two.

Do the wheels on the Tank sled ever go flat?

The tires on all three models of tank sled are inflated with air. Keeping them at the proper air pressure will prolong their life significantly and reduce the chances of a flat.

The chances of a flat are similar to those of a flat on a mountain bike. The tires are robust and durable, and suitable for most terrain. That said, sharp objects can puncture your tires, so caution is needed when selecting a surface to use your sled.

Can all three models of tank sled be used outdoors?

Yes! All three models are suited for outdoor use. I would not leave or store them outside, as rain or snow will damage your sled over time. 

I also don’t recommend using the sled in the rain. Wet ground has no traction, and it will be hard to use your sled in that type of environment.

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Tim Steward has been training at home since he got his first weight set from Sears in junior high. Over 30 years later, Tim has helped thousands of people build home and garage gyms that they love and use regularly. He also holds CPT and Nutritionist certifications with the ISSA and is an NCCPT nationally accredited trainer. When Tim is not training or writing about home gyms, you can find him at the dog park with his two Australian cattle dogs, Anny and Beans.

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  1. If you are pushing and then pulling back and forth, I’d get the M4. It’s great to have the same setup on both sides. You spend a lot less time turning the sled around.

    • I think it’s designed that way, but I push and pull it both directions with no issues at all. The only problem I have doing that is the attachment point for the rope or vstrap is only on one side, so if you want to pull it by that point, it must only go one way.


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