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Written by: Tim Steward
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Your weight bench is an essential piece of gear if you want to practice resistance training with a barbell or dumbbells. All home gyms should have a high-quality, adjustable weight bench.

Yes, adjustable. Flat benches are useful and a great way to save money, but an adjustable bench opens up an entire world of training not possible on a flat bench. Versatility is key when equipping a home gym and that means using an adjustable bench.

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Our Top Rated Adjustable Weight Benches For Garage Gyms

💪 The Best

Rep Fitness BlackWing bench

Rep Fitness

This bench is the most fully-featured weight bench Rep has ever made.

It has a ZeroGap seat, solid build, and more adjustments than you’d ever need.



Read our in-depth review.

MSRP $599.99 – $729.99

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🧠 The Smart Pick

Rep Fitness AB-5200 2.0 bench

Rep Fitness
AB-5200 2.0

This is the bench I recommend most often to my family and friends when they ask.

It’s easier to use than the BlackWing and has everything a home gym needs.



Read our in-depth review.

MSRP $549.99 – $599.99

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💰 The Budget Pick

Rep Fitness Ab-3000 2.0 bench

Rep Fitness
AB-3000 2.0

This is the newest version of the best-selling adjustable bench on the market.

You simply can’t get close to this bench with any other weight bench at or near this price point.



Read our in-depth review.

MSRP $319.99

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Why These 3 Benches?

If you were a close friend or family member who asked me what weight bench you should buy, these are the benches I would recommend. I’d ask you what you wanted to spend and how you train. Based on that answer, I would tell you to buy one of the benches on this page.

I’ve tested at least 30 different adjustable benches in the last few years. I can have any bench I want, and these are the benches I have chosen to train with in my garage gym. I’ve owned and used all 3 of these benches extensively.

Why adjustable benches and not flat? Because versatility is king in a home gym and adjustable benches are infinitely more versatile than a flat bench. Flat benches have their place as a specialty item or for those on an extreme budget. Outside of that, adjustable is your best choice.

The BlackWing is the heaviest, most fully-featured bench I’ve ever used. I ordered it the day it was released based on specs alone and have used it extensively.

The AB-5200 2.0 is the bench I’ve used for the longest. Both the original version and the 2.0 are sitting in my garage. This is the bench I recommend 80% of the time. It’s also the one I prefer to use even though I also have a BlackWing sitting in my garage as well.

The AB-3000 2.0 is the newest version of the very first bench I ever bought from Rep (yeah, I’ve bought a lot of benches from them!). It’s not only their best-selling model by a ton, but you simply can’t get a bench anywhere close to its quality and feature set for the price.

So, if you are in the market for an adjustable bench, make life easy on yourself. Set your budget, take a look at how you train, and let that guide you to one of these 3 options.

What GymCrafter Says…

I was so excited when I saw Rep launch their BlackWing bench that I ordered one the day it came out. I’d never tried a ZeroGap™ bench before. I’d never owned a bench I could do Nordic curls on, either.

I had looked at the Rogue Manta Ray many times, but as with most Rogue stuff, it was well out of my budget. I’m not gonna lie, I stretched my dollars to buy the BlackWing about as much as I’m willing to.

This thing is an absolute tank. It was very cool to finally get to use a bench of this caliber. I truly believe there is no overall better bench on the market at any price.

That said, I personally use the AB-5200 much more often than I use my BlackWing. To be very honest, the BlackWing is too much bench for me. It’s overkill at the highest level when you look at my strength levels and how I train.

If I was still in my 20’s and pushing to get my bench over 300 lbs, I’d prefer the BlackWing every day. Now that I’m in my 50s and training with literally half the weight I did when I was younger (aging, injuries, and long-term illness are gains killers, for sure), I simply don’t need the weight bench version of a Sherman tank to train on.

But if you lift heavy and need the most rock-solid bench as a platform to lift on, the BlackWing is your best bet. It’s every bit as good as the Manta Ray (in my opinion, it’s better) and will cost you a lot less of your cash.

Get yours now at Rep

What REp Fitness Says…
Rep Fitness Logo
  • Assembled Bench Weight – 131lbs
  • Assembled Bench Length – 59.5”
  • Assembled Bench Width – 25.8”
  • Assembled Bench Height – 17.2”
  • Back Pad Angles – -8, 0, 10, 20, 30, 37.5, 45, 52.5, 60, 67.5, 75, 85
  • Seat Pad Angles – -10, 0, 8, 15, 30, 45
  • Back Pad Length – 38.2”
  • Back Pad Width – Standard: 12.2” & Wide: 14”
  • Seat Pad Width – Standard: 12.2” Tapers To 8.5” & Wide: 14” Tapers To 8.5”
  • Seat Pad Length – 15.6”
  • Rear Foot Width – 25.8”
  • Front Foot Width – 14.8”
  • Front Handle Length – 6.9”
  • Front Handle Diameter – 25mm
  • Footprint – 59.5″x25.8” (10.7SQFT)
  • Vertically Stored Footprint – 3.1SQFT
  • Weight Capacity – 1,000lbs
  • Frame Material – 11-Gauge Steel
  • Pad Material – CleanGrip
  • Handles Material – Knurled Stainless Steel

From the Rep Fitness website:

We combined the best features from our top benches to create the ultimate, high-quality, adjustable, flat-incline-decline bench, the BlackWing™ Adjustable Bench.

This heavy-duty bench includes our redesigned, patented ZeroGap™ technology that is easier than ever to use. Slide the seat forward and backward to eliminate the gap between the seat and back pad in all positions.

A closed ladder system along the back pad allows for 12 easy and secure angle adjustments, ranging from -8 to 85 degrees. This bench is also compatible with the Leg Roller Attachment, so you can secure your legs for additional exercises.

The adjustable seat pad, with six angles, uses a new, patent-pending design that combines the ease of a ladder design with the security of a pop-pin when moving the seat up. Pick between standard-width pads or 14” wide pads for more shoulder support. Both pads are made from our new, extra grippy, dense CleanGrip material.

The BlackWing™ is compliant with IPF competition height standards and is built for great leg drive for all lifters. The heavy-duty bench is made with 11-gauge steel, can handle 1,000lbs, and features improved front and rear feet for increased stability.

Grooved, rubber feet help keep the bench in place, while protecting the floor. The BlackWing™ is topped off with high-end finishes, such as a cut-out REP logo on the ladder, stainless-steel finished handles, and a laser-cut mountain logo on the front foot.

When you are done with your workout, the space-saving design allows the bench to be stored in an upright position, taking up only 3.1SQFT of space, featuring an integrated, metal storage stand with a protective, plastic liner. 

A horizontal, knurled, stainless-steel handle makes the bench still very maneuverable at 131lbs. The BlackWing™ was designed in Denver, CO, and is protected by one or more issued and/or pending patents.

See more details and current pricing here.
Read my in-depth review of the BlackWing.

What GymCrafter Says…

When I bought the AB-5200 1.0, I really thought that would be my last bench. I love that thing. So when Rep offered to send me the 2.0 for comparison when I bought my BlackWing, I said yes.

I don’t normally do that (you can see our full review process here, but basically, I buy everything with my own money as a rule). But since I had already purchased the 1.0 and loved it, I agreed. And I’m glad I did!

For my purposes, I actually like the AB-5200 2.0 better than I like the BlackWing. As I write this, they are both in my garage, and I almost invariably reach for the 5200 when I head into the garage to train.

I think that for about 80% of garage gym owners, this is the ideal adjustable bench. Unless you run over it with your car, it’s gonna last you a lifetime (and even then, it may still be okay 😂).

With a back pad that’s big enough to bench on, you never have to worry about the seat gap. It stores upright to get out of the way, and its handles and wheels make it easy to use.

Most importantly, it’s significantly more stable than the 1.0 (the only real knock anyone had on the 1.0 was that the back had a small amount of play in it when inclined). The feet are wider and capped in rubber. So is the adjustment ladder.

You couldn’t ask for a more well-built or stable bench without spending more money.

That’s where the BlackWing comes in. If you compete in powerlifting, train extremely heavy, need a bench for Nordic curls, or absolutely can’t get past a seat gap, the BlackWing is your choice. If not, I see no reason to get anything other than the AB-5200 2.0.

Get yours now at

What REp Fitness Says…
Rep Fitness Logo
  • Assembled Bench Weight – 115lbs
  • Assembled Bench Height – 17.5” (Including Pad)
  • Assembled Bench Width – 25.8”
  • Assembled Bench Length – 57.6”
  • Back Pad Angles – 0, 20, 30, 37.5, 45, 52.5, 60, 67.5, 75, 85
  • Optional Decline Back Pad Angles – -8, -6, -4
  • Seat Pad Angles – 0, 8, 20, 30
  • Back Pad Length – 41.7”
  • Back Pad Width – Standard: 12″ & Wide: 14”
  • Seat Pad Length – 11.4”
  • Seat Pad Width – Standard: 12” Tapers To 8.9” & Wide: 14” Tapers To 11″
  • Pad Gap – 1.4”
  • Footprint – 57.6”(L)x25.8”(W) (10.33SQFT)
  • Rear Foot Width – 25.8”
  • Front Foot Width – 7.5”
  • Weight Capacity – 1,000lbs
  • Frame Material – 11-Gauge Steel
  • Front/Rear Ladder Adjustment Handle Material – Knurled Stainless Steel
  • Pad Material – CleanGrip

From the Rep Fitness website:

Our toughest, most customizable bench is now even more customizable, including the option to make it decline and mix different colors on the same bench.

Select “fixed post,” and the AB-5200 2.0 works as a flat-incline bench with 10 different back pad angles and four seat pad angles.

Or select “adjustable post” and easily transform the AB-5200 2.0 into a flat-incline-decline bench, with three additional decline angles.

Further personalize the bench by selecting a frame color, with the ability to choose a different accent color on the guide rails. The fixed/adjustable post is finished with a durable metallic black powder coat, with a black chrome inner post on the adjustable version.

The AB-5200 2.0 includes comfortable, tapered seats and a standard-width or wide bench pad in the new, extra-grippy CleanGrip material. This bench meets IPF height requirements to help competitive lifters train optimally, and other lifters get great leg drive.

The commercial-grade AB-5200 2.0 is incredibly durable, made with 11-gauge steel and heavy-duty bolts, while being an incredible value for lifters who want one of the best adjustable benches for their home gym. It weighs 115lbs and boasts a weight capacity of 1,000lbs.

Yet it’s easy to move around, thanks to a horizontal, knurled, stainless-steel front handle. And you can store it vertically on its improved, metal, plastic-lined stand, only taking up 3.1SQFT of space in your gym.

A closed ladder design for both the seat and back pad keeps the ladder in place when adjusting the bench and when storing it vertically. Grooved, rubber back feet help keep the bench in place while protecting the floor.

The bench is topped off with more high-end details, such as a laser-cut REP logo on the front and back ladders, black hardware, and a laser-cut mountain logo on the front ladder. The AB-5200 2.0 was designed in Denver, CO, and is protected by one or more issued and/or pending patents.

See more details and current pricing here.
Read my in-depth review of the AB-5200 2.0.

What GymCrafter Says…

The AB-3000 2.0 should cost $100-$150 more than it does. And if it did, it would still be the best adjustable bench in its price category. For an MSRP of $319, you simply can’t get a better-built, nicer-looking adjustable weight bench.

To be honest, I looked very hard for a bench to recommend as my budget pick that wasn’t from Rep Fitness. When all of your top recommendations are from only one manufacturer, people can be skeptical of your advice.

But I couldn’t even get close (this is true of all three of the benches on this page). I tried literally every bench I could find within $100 of the AB-3000 2.0, and there wasn’t a single bench that was comparable.

One of my biggest fears with every article I write here on GymCrafter is that someone will reach out to tell me I recommended something they ended up not liking. My entire reason for making this site is to help others build home gyms they’ll love.

So yeah, all of my recommended benches are by Rep Fitness. And I’m 100% sure you’ll be happy with whichever you decide to buy. That includes the AB-3000 2.0.

Get yours now at

What Rep Fitness Says…
Rep Fitness Logo
  • Bench Weight: 89.3lbs
  • Bench Height: 17.1”
  • Bench Width: 25.8”
  • Bench Length: 56.6”
  • Back Pad Angles: -12, 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 70, 85
  • Seat Pad Angles: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20
  • Number of Leg Roller Positions: 6
  • Back Pad Length: 36”
  • Back/Seat Pad Width: 11.8”/15”
  • Seat Pad Length: 15”
  • Leg Roller Length: 7.7” (each)
  • Pad Gap: 2.1”
  • Footprint: 9.85 SQFT
  • Tolerance: 3%
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000lbs
  • Material: 11-Gauge Steel

From the Rep Fitness website:

The AB-3000 is known as the best-value, adjustable, FID bench for home gyms — and it just got better with a new, upgraded look and feel in the AB-3000 2.0.

This bench is a high-quality option for lifters looking for a rock-solid, flat-incline-decline bench. Built-in leg rollers and an adjustable pin ensure you’re comfortable and secure in the decline position.

When not in use, you can move and lock the leg rollers back for better clearance. In addition, the AB-3000 2.0 has eight back pad angles (-12, 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 70, and 85 degrees), many of which are different from the original AB-3000 for more user-friendly positioning.

The ladder-style back adjustment allows you to change the angle instantly, and it’s easy to pick your angle using the laser-cut numbering along the ladder. It is also quieter, as the updated ladder features noise dampeners.

The seat pad also has five different angles (0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 degrees). The AB-3000 2.0 features updated front and rear bases with rubber covers to better grip and protect the floors. The rear base is wider to provide more side-to-side stability.

The pads are upgraded, too. New CleanGrip pads are extra dense for added durability and are even grippier than before. The updated back pad is squared off with a greater surface area for more back support and is easier to clean than its predecessor.

The 2.0 still has the same seat pad that gets wider and thicker on the front, so it’s more comfortable on the back of your knees when using the Leg Rollers. If you don’t like the wider flare on the front, the seat pad is now reversible.

A new, horizontal handle on the leg attachment was designed to stay out of the way when you’re lifting, and it makes the bench easier to move around your gym.

In addition to standard matte black, metallic black, red, and blue, the AB-3000 2.0 is also now available in white. Black hardware, rubber endcaps on the ladder adjustment arm, and enclosed wheels all come together to make this a high-quality bench with a patent-pending design.

The AB-3000 2.0 has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs and is finished with REP’s signature powder coat.

See more details and current pricing here.
Read my in-depth review of the AB-3000 2.0.

How We Selected Our Recommended Benches

You can see our complete editorial and review process here.

I bought a version of every bench on this page with my own money (while I bought the AB-5200 1.0, Rep did send me the 2.0 at no charge for review). I bought them the same way you would. I did my research, looked for places to try them in real life, and then made my purchase decision.

I’ve trained extensively on every bench model on this page. In fact, of all of the Rep Fitness gear I own, I’ve used their benches the most by a wide margin.

I also compared each to quite a few other comparable benches. Here are the benches I tested in comparison to each of my recommended benches above. Each of these groups of benches, in my opinion, represents the best weight benches available at each price level.

You can see exactly how the BlackWing compares to these in my detailed review here.

You can see exactly how the AB-5200 2.0 compares to these in my detailed review here.

You can see exactly how the AB-3000 2.0 compares to these in my detailed review here.

What We Look For In A Recommended Bench

So how do we rate one bench better than another?

First of all, we train with them. In the end, that’s the best way to know what’s good and what’s not. But we also look closely at several key areas of each bench. It’s in those areas where our 3 recommended barbells shine brighter than their competition.


The most important thing for a bench to do well is to safely support you while lifting. That means no moving around, no wobbling, and no chance of tipping over. It also means there should be no rattling as you adjust or move the bench around.

A major factor in stability is the gauge of steel used in its construction. In our opinion, 11-gauge steel is perfect for benches. 11-gauge isn’t going to bend, flex, or stress under loads, regardless of the amount of weight.

blackwing bench side view
The wide front and rear feet, both capped in rubber, make the BlackWing very stable!

Some benches will use some 7-gauge steel, but that doesn’t actually serve to make the bench more stable than 11-gauge. It’s more of a marketing tactic to get people to spend $1000 or more on a bench.

We also look at the width of the rear and front feet. All good benches worth buying are “3-foot” designs, meaning there are two feet at the back of the bench and only one at the front. This allows you proper foot positioning while bench pressing.

But those feet need to substantially support the bench and their width matters. The material of the feet also matters. Some benches leave the feet as bare metal. This causes them to move easily while in use (it also damages your floor). Rubber or similar material foot caps are critical when it comes to bench stability.

Pad Size

An adjustable bench needs one of two things when it comes to pad size. It either needs to be a zero-gap bench where the combined length of the seat and back pad is 36″ or more, or the back pad alone needs to be at least 36″ long.

rep ab-5200 2.0 side view
The 36″ back pad on the AB-5200 is the perfect size for benching.

This allows you to bench press without worrying about the gap between the seat and the back. Either method works (we actually prefer having a seat back that’s 36″ as a zero-gap design requires a good bit of extra adjustment to work right).

The width of the pads should be between 11,5″ and 14″. 12″ is ideal, but anywhere in that range is appropriate.

Pad Construction

The seat and back padding should be very firm, but not hard or uncomfortable. There needs to be some give to allow the contours of your body to sink into it for grip. The edges of the pads, in particular, should be reinforced so they don’t give at a greater rate than the rest of the pads.

ab-3000 2.0
The CleanGrip vinyl on all of Rep’s benches is the grippiest in the business.

The covering of the pads should be as grippy as possible. Leg drive is critical to performing the bench press, and you simply cannot get good leg drive if your back is sliding across the back pad.

We don’t have a specific thickness we prefer, but it’s important that you can’t feel the board that’s the base of the seat or back through the padding. Some budget benches have 2″-3″ of padding, but it’s so soft, you sink right to the wood base, and it’s like having no padding at all.

Ease Of Adjustment

We prefer a ladder-style adjustment for both the seat and back. Pop-pins are also okay… If they actually work well.

Most pop-pins on the market easily get stuck and often don’t seat correctly in the adjustment holes. Rep and Rogue seem to do well with this type of adjustment, but most other people do not (Titan is a great example of this).

blackwing bench ladder system
The ladder style adjustment on the BlackWing is our preferred type.

We also look for an appropriate number of adjustments. At least 3 seat positions and 6-8 back positions are a minimum, but you don’t really need much more than that. You need enough to find the 2-3 positions that work for you 95% of the time, and having more options allows you to find them.

Finish Quality

There was a time when no fitness manufacturer cared about aesthetics. Everything was black powder coat or paint. Most of it was pretty ugly.

When a manufacturer takes the time and effort to ensure a properly applied finish, it means your bench will last longer. Under that finish is bare steel, and bare steel rusts very fast when exposed. A durable finish literally ensures the life of your bench.

It also means that they care about the product as a whole. If it’s got a noticeably great finish, it most often means the rest of the construction is on point, too.


Weight benches can get very expensive, very fast. If the price is justified by build quality or other factors that actually matter, that’s not a problem. But if you’re paying hundreds more for lower quality, that is a very big problem.

Some companies charge more simply for their name (cough, cough, Rogue, cough, cough). Even if they make a great product, we will never recommend them if something of equal or better quality is available at a lower price.

Times are tough, and few people can afford to waste their money. We are certainly in that category. We will always go to great lengths to make sure our recommended products, including these benches, represent the best value you can get for your money.

You can see our complete editorial and review process here.