About Shayla Whitters


Shayla is the first outside writer hired here on GymCrafter.com.

As I mentioned on the GymCrafter about page, I only write about things I have extensive personal experience with. I only review products I’ve purchased and used myself. My primary focus is to be as helpful as possible.

In the last several years, as I’ve built up GymCrafter, I realized that there are two (at least) gaps in my knowledge that I get asked about all the time. Cardio machines and home gym tips for women.

Being that I’m not a woman and I only use my treadmill begrudgingly, I thought it was time to bring in an expert.

Enter Shayla Whitters. Shayla has a ton of experience in the health and fitness industry and writes for several other well-known home gym and fitness websites. She has a deep knowledge of both cardio machines as well as training tips for women and is a very welcome addition to GymCrafter!

A few words from Shayla:

“With years of professional knowledge and a passion for fitness, I am an expert in the health and wellness industry. My specialty is writing inspiring blog posts about nutrition, exercise regimens, and all aspects of physical well-being.

With a heart for service and experience in the realms of health and fitness, I’m eager to equip others with knowledge on how they can become their best selves. I understand how different types of workouts work best for people depending on their goals, I just don’t write to inform, I write to motivate and bring change through my words in people’s lives.”

If you have any questions for Shayla, please let me know at tim@gymcrafter.com, and I’ll make sure I reach out to her.