GymCrafter In The Press

In the 5+ years since I created, I (Tim Steward) have been interviewed and contacted for quotes many times.

Having helped thousands of people build home gyms, as well as being a nationally accredited personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach (as certified by the ISSA and the NCCA), I often receive requests for my expert opinion, interviews, and supplemental information for fitness articles in the media.

If you have a quote, article, or interview request for GymCrafter, you can reach out to me directly at

Below are some of the things I’m most proud of contributing to.

Authority Mag Thumbnail
Authority Magazine – Tim Steward On The 5 Things You Need To Do To Achieve a Healthy Body Weight And Keep It Permanently.

In this first of two interviews I did with Authority Magazine, we talked in-depth about the right way to achieve a healthy body fat % as well as strategies to stay there.

Flaman Thumbnail
Flaman Fitness – Home Gym Healing, An Online Expert’s Story

I was featured by Flaman Fitness, one of the largest fitness equipment dealers in Canada, to showcase the power of resistance training at home. They did a very nice job of capturing the most important points in a short article.

Shape Thumbnail
Shape Magazine – How to Maintain Your Fitness Equipment for Optimal Performance.

Times are tight, and fitness gear costs a lot! That’s why one of the writers at Shape magazine reached out to me for an interview about how to make your gear last as long as possible.

Authority Mag Thumbnail
Authority Magazine – Becoming Pain-Free: Tim Steward Of On How to Alleviate Chronic Pain.

In this second of two interviews I did with Authority Magazine, we dealt with a subject that is the very reason I do what I do for a living. I’ve dealt with chronic pain for well over 20 years (I honestly don’t remember the last time I wasn’t in pain) and these are my best coping mechanism and advice for continuing to live a productive life.

Freedom Fitness Podcast Thumbnail
FreedomCast – Healing Injury with Resistance Training.

In this hour-long podcast, I sit down with Ashton, the owner of Freedom Fitness Equipment, to discuss how chronic injury led to training at home. We also took a gym tour and talked tons about equipment!

GGL Thumbnail
Garage Gym Life – Building Home Gyms For Regular Folks.

In this 40-minute podcast, I sit down with John Greeves from the Garage Gym Life podcast to discuss cutting through all the gym-bro BS out there so that regular folks like you and I can train effectively at home.

Mind Pump Thumbnail
Mind Pump – What’s The Minimum Amount Of Work To Keep Muscle?

In this episode of the Mind Pump Podcast (the #1-rated fitness podcast in the world), we discuss the minimum amount of training needed to maintain muscle. My segment starts at 56.26.