Recommended Shoes For Training In Your Garage Gym

Looking for the best shoes to wear to train in your garage gym? Well, you’re in the right place… Almost!

I’ve been training in Xero shoes for many years now and swear by them. I not only train in them, but I wear them about 75% of the time. From training to trail running to hiking, they are my choice. You can see by how well-worn my 4 pairs are in the image below just how much I like them.

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My Xero shoes… Prio’s for training, XCursion boots for hiking, Mesa Trails for everyday wear and trail running, and some slip-ons they don’t make anymore.

Click here to see the full assortment of Xero shoes and what they have on sale these days.

Outside of that, I’m not very helpful in assisting you in picking out the perfect training or running shoes. And that’s where a friend of mine can pick up where I leave off.

There is no better resource for buying shoes than Jake Boly, who runs the site and does ALL the testing and reviews, is a bigger shoe nerd than I am a home gym nerd. And that’s saying a ton!

So, if you need shoes to run, play a sport, lift, or otherwise be active in, make sure to head over to You not only won’t be disappointed, but you’ll probably end up with a better pair of shoes than you ever could have on your own!

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I am not affiliated with That Fit Friend. The only thing I get from recommending them is the satisfaction of knowing you are getting the best shoe advice on the internet.