All Torque Tank Sled Accessories Tested and Reviewed

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I’ve bought quite a few things for my gym in the last year. That is my job, after all! But I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any recent purchases more than I enjoy using my Torque Tank M1 sled. (Except maybe my new open trap bar. You can check that out here.)

What I originally bought for backward sled drags has become a full-body training tool I use daily. If I can find a way to train a movement with my M1 sled, I do.

To fully maximize my sled, I’ve added quite a few accessories to it. Those accessories have allowed me to use my sled in ways I’d never considered.

But while I love some of the accessories, I’m not a massive fan of others. So, based on my use, I put together this review of the currently available Torque Tank Sled accessories.

If you’ve been considering buying a Torque sled, check out my in-depth review here. If you already have a Torque sled, read on to see how to make that sled you already love that much better.

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Current Torque Tank Sled Accessories (as of June 2023)

Here’s a quick list with links directly to the Torque site so you can check the current sale prices. I’ve also indicated the MSRP as well as which of Torque’s three models each accessory fits.

Every Torque Tank Accessory Tested and Reviewed

I own the Torque M1 and have almost every accessory they make for it. The information below is based on my personal use and testing over the last several months.

For M4 and MX accessories, I’ve reached out to several GymCrafter readers who own them. ALL feedback below is based on actual use by real people.

V Strap

Torque tank V strap

Compatible with: All tank models.

The V strap consists of two separate straps, each with its own rubber handle. The V strap connects to one of several connection points on the tank sleds and allows you to use the handles to pull the sled towards you or hold on to it while moving backward.

Used for:
-standing rows
-standing rotations
-backward towing
-lateral towing

MSRP: $50.00 – see sale pricing here

The V strap is one of the first accessories I bought for my M1. It’s also one I use a few days per week to this day. It’s my preferred method of doing backward sled drags (a fantastic exercise for knee rehab!) and lateral pulls (walking sideways). If you want a way to tow the sled with form-fitted handles, the VStrap is something you’ll enjoy.

Padded Sprint Harness

Compatible with: M4, MX, M1 (with traction added)

I’m a huge fan of hill sprints for HIIT and weight loss. Not to mention they are easy on your knees and get you outside to train. This harness is the closest thing I’ve ever found to doing hill sprints without a hill. You’ll get the same effects as hill sprints by strapping it around your waist, dialing in the lowest resistance, and sprinting (or trying to). 

To use this with the M1, traction must be added in the form of plates on the existing weight horn or by adding the dumbbell cradles and dumbbells. The weight of the M1 by itself is not enough to keep the tires planted during explosive sprint work.

Used for:
-Dynamic forward-resisted sprints
-Dynamic backward-resisted sprints
-Backward sled drags

MSRP: $80.00 – see sale pricing here

Recommendation:I use this harness once a week regularly and 3x per week when focusing on weight loss. It’s my second favorite form of HIIT training after hitting a heavy bagIf one of your goals is to use your Torque sled for condition, this harness will prove valuable.

Sprint harness torque tank accessory

V Strap/Sprint Harness Tow Kit

Torque tank V strap and harness combo

Compatible with: M4, MX, M1 (with traction added)

The strap harness tow kit combines the V Strap with the padded waist sprint harness (see descriptions above). Buying them together saves money over buying them separately.

Used for:
-standing rows
-standing rotations
-backward towing
-lateral towing
-forward resisted sprints
-backward resisted sprints
-Dynamic forward resisted sprints
-Dynamic backward resisted sprints
-Backward sled drags

MSRP: $110.00 – see sale pricing here

If you have your eye on both the V strap and the sprint harness, you’ll save $20 by buying this package over buying them separately.

Tow Rope

Compatible with: All tank models

The tow rope is a 1.5″ diameter, 30′ long rope that can be attached to your tank sled. It allows you to stay stationary, either standing or sitting, and use your grip and upper body to tow the sled toward you.

Used for:
-Standing rope tows
-Seated rope tows
-Lateral rope tows
-Dedicated grip training

MSRP: $110.00 – see sale pricing here

You can do without the rope if you only intend to train your lower body. But the tow rope is a must if you want to introduce upper-body training to your sled work! Other than climbing a rope in gym class, I can think of no other exercise I do in my garage gym that lights up every inch of my arms, shoulders, and upper back like hand-over-hand rope tows.

If you’ve always wanted to add a rope climb to your gym, but don’t have the ability, add the tow rope to your tank sled instead!

torque tank tow rope

M1 Wall-Mounted Storage System

torque m1 wall storage

Compatible with: M1

One of the drawbacks of Torque’s tank sleds is that they are huge. That’s not a problem in a commercial gym but it’s a challenging issue for many of us training at home. The M1 is the ideal Tank model for basement and garage gyms. Add this wall storage, and it’s a perfect fit (literally)! It allows the tank and some of its accessories to be stored on the wall, out of your way.

Used for:
-Torque tank M1 sled wall storage

MSRP: $130.00 – see sale pricing here

I put this in the same category as folding racks (like these from Prx). They are 100% worth the money if you’ll actually use them…


I bought this storage rack and haven’t used it once. It turns out it’s easier to move my sled to a different part of the garage than to remove the weight plates and handles, store those, and then pick up the sled to hang it on the wall.

If you really do need the space, AND you will actually take the time to store your sled, then this is for you. If not, take a pass.

Phone Holders (Clamp & Magnetic)

Compatible with: All tank models

These holders allow you to secure your phone directly to your tank sled while training. The clamp holder uses a spring-loaded clamp to affix it to the front tow bar of your sled (or any other tubular-shaped bar like a barbell).

The magnetic version trades the clamp for a strong, circular magnet. This allows you to affix your phone to any surface a magnet will stick to.

Used for:
-Holding your phone

$20.00 (clamp) – see sale pricing here
$34.99 (magnetic) – see sale pricing here

These are useful if you need to secure your phone to your tank or other training gear.

torque tank phone holders

M1 Wheelbarrow Handles

torque tank M1 wheelbarrow handles

Compatible with: M1 only

These allow you to attach two wheelbarrow-style handles to the back of your M1 tank sled.

Used for:
-Unstable wheelbarrow carries

MSRP: $120.00 – see sale pricing here

Unstable wheelbarrow carries are deceptively hard. Because the M1 only has a single front wheel, you’ll find yourself stabilizing the load as you move it.

This activates and strengthens many smaller muscles that never get trained in other ways. If you are a fan of loaded carries, wheelbarrow carries are a unique way to add new stimulus to your training!

Of all of the tank accessories, this one surprised me the most. It lights up my entire body like little else!

MX Wheelbarrow Handles

Compatible with: MX only

These allow you to attach two wheelbarrow-style handles to your MX tank sled.

Used for:
-Wheelbarrow carries

MSRP: $249.00 – see sale pricing here

I don’t like these as much as I do the handles for the M1.

Because the MX has two wheels in the front, you lose the instability of the M1’s single front wheel. To me, the extra stability of the dual MX wheels takes away a lot of the effectiveness of this tool. That said, if you want to do heavy farmer’s carries with your MX sled, these work perfectly!

Torque tank MX wheelbarrow handles

M4/MX Weight Horn Kit

torque tank MX weight horn kit

Compatible with: M4 and MX

Torque tank sleds don’t require onboard weight to provide resistance. That comes from their patented magnetic resistance system. However, they do benefit from onboard weight when it comes to traction.

When using the Torque tank sleds on loose terrain (gravel, sand, dirt, and even grass), you can find the sled sliding across that terrain instead of rolling with resistance. You’ll need to add weight to the seld itself to fix this and gain traction.

This kit includes two weight horns but does not include any weight plates.

Used for:
-Loading 1-4 weight plates on your sled for added traction

MSRP: $50.00 – see sale pricing here

You’ll need these if you plan on using your sled outside on loose terrain. The same goes if you plan to do explosive work on any surface. The faster you push/pull your sled, the more likely it is to lose traction.

M1 Traction Kit (Plates Only)

Compatible with: M1 (M4 and MX need the weight horn kit for these to work)

Two 45 lb rubber-coated grip plates designed to mount on the weight horn included with the Torque tank M1 sled. The M1 is a fairly lightweight sled with the least out-of-the-box traction of any tank sled.

Used for:
-Adding traction.

MSRP: $200.00 – see sale pricing here

You won’t need these if you only use your M1 on concrete or other solid surfaces and do no dynamic or sprint work. You’ll need the extra traction if you plan on using your sled on multiple surfaces and for explosive work.

I do not recommend buying this kit from Torque. The tank M1 fits standard bumper plates as well as any other weight plate with Olympic (2″) holes. $200 is way too much to spend on two 45lb weight plates. Use what you already own, or check out my recommended plates page to see plates you can use for more than just this.

torque tank M1 traction kit

Tank Power Tether

torque tank power tether

Compatible with: M1, M4, MX

The power tether is an elastic connector between your tank sled and the V handles or the sprint harness. Instead of a non-stretching piece of nylon, this tether stretches and retracts from 61″-110″. 

Used for:
-Adding some flex when pulling your sled
-Reduces impact
-Reduces tire skidding

MSRP: $56.00 – see sale pricing here

I love using this tether! It really smooths out any pulling I do. I use it with both the V handles and the padded sprint harness. It makes getting the sled rolling a more fluid experience. It’s unnecessary if you are trying to save money, but it makes the sled more enjoyable to use!

A good analogy, if you are a dog owner, is an elastic leash. Instead of your dog snapping its head back when it reaches the end of its leash, the elastic eases your pup to the end and eliminates the harsh stop.

Group Accessory Kit

Compatible with: M4, MX, and M1 w/ traction kit

This is a group training accessory package for your tank sled. It includes two tow ropes, 2 V handles, and two sprint harnesses.

Used for:
Group training

MSRP: $420.00 – see sale pricing here

Most folks training at home won’t need this bundle. This is useful if your sled is in a commercial environment and multiple people use it, or you are a trainer teaching group classes with your sled. For those planning on buying these three accessories in a qty of two each, this package will save you $120.00!

torque tank group accessory kit

M4/MX Group Anchor Station

torque tank group anchor station

Compatible with: M4 and MX (must have M4/MX weight horn kit)

This is basically a large metal basket that attaches to the top of your M4 or MX tank sled. It has an anchor point for battle ropes on each side and is intended to provide storage for any and all of your tank accessories.

Used for:
-Battle rope anchor
-Allows mobile trainers to take their sled and all accessories to off-site training.

MSRP: $250.00 (and requires the M4/MX weight horn kit @ $50.00) – see sale pricing here

This is an excellent addition if you are a personal trainer and plan to use your M4 or MX tank sled for group fitness classes. For folks at home in garage and basement gyms, probably not.

MX Weight Horn Stacking Kit

Compatible with: MX

This is a pair of modified weight horns for the Torque tank MX. Similar to the standard weight horns, these can hold weight plates for traction. They also provide a mounting point for the Group Anchor Station, as described above. These differ from standard weight horns because they also allow you to stack multiple tank MX units on top of each other for storage.

Used for:
-Add weight plated for traction
-Mount the group anchor station
-Stack multiple MX units for storage

MSRP: $100.00 – see sale pricing here

You don’t need this unless you run a commercial gym with multiple tank MX units that need to be stacked for storage.

torque tank mx stacking horn kit

M4 Bumper Kit

torque tank M4 bumper kit

Compatible with: M4

A set of 8 rubber bumpers (4 for each end) to attach to your tank M4 sled. They are designed to prevent wall damage if your sled runs into a wall.

Used for:
Preventing damage to your gym

MSRP: $70.00 – see sale pricing here

Um, don’t push your sled into a wall? I don’t think garage and basement gym folks will need these unless they are very careless. If the general public uses your sled, they’re probably a good idea. If it’s just you, probably not.

M1 Retro Kit Console

Compatible with: First generation tank M1-101 (didn’t come with a console) – You can check your model on the SN sticker on your sled.

If you bought a first-generation tank M1-101 (that’s me!), your sled did not come with a console to track your training. It also didn’t come with a way to install a console. This kit provides everything you need to install a console on your sled.

Used for:
Updating the tank M1-101 by adding a console

MSRP: $278.00 – see sale pricing here

Adding this console makes a lot of sense if you like to track your workouts (time, distance, calories, watts, etc.). 

I decided against the console myself. I honestly don’t care about fake calorie burn numbers or other metrics (ALL cardio consoles severely overestimate calorie burn). I’d probably use the console if it had come with my sled, but for $278 more, I’ll pass!

torque M1 S/N sticker
torque tank M1 retro console kit

M1-102 Console

torque tank M1 console

Compatible with: M1-102

The M1-102 tank sled (check your SN sticker for your specific model) has the internals needed to simply bolt on a console. This is the console only with no retro kit, as the retro kit is not required on the M1-102.

Used for:
Adding a console to the M1-102

MSRP: $79.00 – see sale pricing here

Same as the retro kit above, add the console if you like to track your workouts. If you don’t, save your money!

S/N sticker on a Torque M1 sled

M1 Retro Kit Elevated Tow Bar

Compatible with: M1-101 (included with the M1-102, the current version of the M1)

The M1 elevated tow bar retro kit replaces the rather low front tow bar that comes with the M1 with one that is much taller. This provides a higher tow/push point on the front of the sled and also gives a place to mount the dumbbell cradles described next.

Used for:
-Attachment of dumbbell cradles
-Raised tow point
-Raised push point

MSRP: $99.00 – see sale pricing here

I don’t use the dumbbell cradles (described next), but I love the higher tow and push point this offers. My sled workout of choice is pushing it in one direction and then immediately dragging it backward in the other direction. 

Without this attachment, you either need to be okay pushing really close to the ground, or you need to turn the sled around at the end of each movement. With this, I can both push and pull from the same side.

If push/pull back-and-forth training is something you plan on doing, this raised bar is a must!

Torque tank M1 retro raised tow bar

M1 Dumbbell Cradles

torque tank cradle's

Compatible with: M1-102 or M1-101 with the elevated tow bar retro kit

Two cradles attached to the front tow bar of the M1 hold up to a 20 lb dumbbell each. The feature I like best on these is the latch that secures the dumbbells.

Used for:
Circuit training

MSRP: $35.00 – see sale pricing here

This is for folks who like to do circuit or HIIT training. Having the dumbbells on board allows you to stop your sled work and immediately do dumbbell work. Dock the dumbbells when you are done, and start pushing or pulling again right away.

I don’t do this type of training, so I don’t need them. But if you like integrating multiple movements into a circuit and don’t want to return to your gym to grab implements, this might be for you.

M4/MX Swivel Attachment

Compatible with: M4, MX

A single swiveling industrial caster that retracts when not in use allows you to maneuver your tank M4 or tank MX easily. 

Used for:
-Helps to move the M4 or MX around without lifting one end.

MSRP: $119.00 – see sale pricing here

Since both models have four wheels, they don’t turn without lifting the end of the unit. Both of these models are very heavy (M4 is 198 lbs and the MX is 244 lbs), so adding this wheel makes it easier to move them around when needed.

If you are having trouble maneuvering your M4 or MX, this additional wheel will help.

torque tank m4 mx swivel caster

MX Wall Handle Storage

MX wall

Compatible with: MX

A wall storage solution for the handles and wheelbarrow handle accessories for the tank MX model.

Used for:
-Store handles on the wall to allow you to stack multiple MX tanks using the MX horn stacking kit

MSRP: $199.00 – see sale pricing here

If you run a commercial gym or CrossFit box and are using multiple tank MX models, then you may need this.

If you are using your tank at home, you probably don’t.

The One Accessory I Use More Than Anything Torque Sells

Many of the above accessories expand the functionality of an already versatile tool. I use several of them regularly. But there’s one thing I attach to my sled every single time I use it.

A Bluetooth speaker.

I use a Bose Soundlink Revolve, but any speaker will do. I’ve got a great stereo in my garage gym, but when I take my sled outside, I’ve got nothing!

I know a lot of you are screaming the word “headphones” at your screen right now, but my big, sweaty bald head disagrees. I hate wearing headphones when I train. It’s one of the reasons I train at home.

So, get yourself a Bluetooth speaker and strap that baby to your Torque sled to significantly enhance your workouts!

The Verdict

If you took the dive and forked over some of your hard-earned cash for a Torque sled, adding some accessories that’ll help you get your money’s worth makes sense.

Hopefully, this guide gave you some ideas, and your sled training is about to go to the next level!


What’s the difference between an M1-101 and an M1-102?

torque M1 S/N sticker

They are simply the older and newer version of the M1 sled. The most notable differences are that the M1-102 is ready to accept a console without a retrofit kit, and the 102 comes with the elevated front tow bar.

You can tell which model you have by either contacting Torque directly or checking your serial number sticker on the sled itself.

What are the “must-have” accessories for the tank sleds?

In my opinion, everyone should have the tow rope, sprint harness, and V strap. With those three accessories, there’s very little you can’t do with your sled!

Can we use third-party attachments?

Yes, you can. Tow ropes, straps, and harnesses can all be fashioned in other ways besides buying them from Torque. That said, check directly with Torque with specific questions here. Attaching something that damages your sled will also void your warranty.

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    • That’s a great question! For me, backwards sled work is something I’m not willing to give up, so if I could only have one accessory, it would be the tow strap with the V handles. I use those every day I use my sled. A close second are the wheelbarrow handles. I’ve really grown to love doing heavy sled work with them.


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