Barbell Rescue Review – Worth Your Money or Not?

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Update 9/2023… Barbell Rescue has been exceedingly popular in the home gym community, and they now have 5 different colors available (blue, black, red, green, and pink)! You can see them all here, and if you decide to order, make sure and use my exclusive coupon code “gymcrafter” to save 10%!!!

It’s a rare and pleasant surprise when things in life simply work as advertised. I’ve lost count many times I’ve bought something with high hopes, only to be disappointed. And that’s precisely why I wanted to share this Barbell Rescue cleaning brush review.

The primary reason I started GymCrafter is that making mistakes when building a home gym is expensive. Add to that that most fitness gear can only be purchased online, and you have a recipe for dissatisfaction.

Buying expensive things without being able to see them, hold them, and test them in real life first often leads to wasted time and money. So, when I’ve bought a bunch of different versions of something and finally find one that’s actually worthwhile, I like to tell people!

Learn from my expensive mistakes and trial and error! Please!

barbell rescue barbell brush

What Is The Barbell Rescue Cleaning Brush?

The Barbell Rescue cleaning brush consists of a spring-loaded clamshell outer case shaped like a tube when closed with two removable nylon bristle brushes on the inside. The brush’s 360-degree contact with the bar and grippy outer case make barbell cleaning quick and easy.

In other words, it’s a brush designed from the ground up with one purpose in mind: Cleaning barbells.

That, in a nutshell, is what makes this brush so effective and different. No other brush has the same grip, covers the entire diameter of the bar, and eliminates the need to spin and turn your bar while cleaning.

Don’t believe me? Get your own here! And while you’re at it, use my exclusive coupon code “gymcrafter” for 10% off your order!

Barbell Rescue Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, and that includes the Barbell Rescue. While there are many more pros than cons, it’s important to look at the product as a whole before recommending it.


Covers the entire circumference of the barbell

Nylon bristles won’t damage your barbell

Bristles clean knurling exceptionally well

The inner brush is removable/replaceable

Outer housing provides great grip

Outer housing collects dirt and debris

Stays on the bar even if you let go

A responsive, customer-focused company


It’s expensive

Can be hard to move if gripped too tight

Doesn’t come with oil or a cloth

Let’s look at the Barbell Rescue’s drawbacks before getting to all the good stuff.

First, it’s expensive. Barbell Rescue costs more than any other barbell brush on the market (you can check the current price here).

That’s because it’s completely different than any other brush out there. To me, it’s worth the higher price. Make sure to read this entire review to see if it’s worth more to you too. And don’t forget to use the coupon code “gymcrafter” for 10% off. That should help with the price!

Second, it takes a bit to get the hang of it. When I first started using it, I was squeezing too hard. Because of how many bristles there are, this pressure made the brush hard to use. Once you realize you only need to grip it lightly, all is good. But it was a tiny bit frustrating at first.

side view of barbell rescue
Because it contacts the entire bar, there is more friction to overcome when using it.

The third drawback is that I wish it came as part of a kit, complete with some AIM cleaning oil (this is what I use and love, but any environmentally friendly cleaning oil would be welcome), a microfibre cloth, and a sticker.

I know that the owner is working on something like this now (Jan 2023), and I look forward to seeing what they come up with. Make sure and check their site regularly or subscribe to their email list to see what they release!

Outer Housing

The outer housing of the Barbell Rescue is a fairly rigid plastic with excellent grip. It’s one of the things I like most about this brush. The branding, color, and looks are nice as well. 

The two halves of the clamshell are spring-loaded. This allows the brush to stay on the bar even if you let go. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped oil-covered brushes on the floor only to pick them up covered in dust and dirt.

Barbell Rescue outer housing
The outer housing looks great and has great grip!

I’m sure many of you can relate. And once you drop that brush, you can’t start using it again until you completely clean it off. What a pain!

With the Barbell Rescue, it stays on the bar.

Another benefit of the outer housing that I love is that it catches all the crap being cleaned off your bar. All the oil, dirt, and other debris don’t end up on your floor. Just open the brush and tap it out in the garbage, and you’re done!

Inner Brushes

Inside, there are two removable nylon brushes. They are short, stiff bristles that do a great job of getting down inside your bar’s knurling.

While some people like brass bristles (and for bare steel bars with lots of rust, brass is what you want), that’s overkill for most people’s bars. Nylon is the perfect material for all bar finishes.

Inner brushes of barbell rescue

Since the brush pads can be removed when they wear out, you don’t have to replace the entire brush. 

I also find myself taking one of them out to clean my EZ bar. While the Barbell Rescue does an amazing job on a straight bar, its rigid design means it doesn’t do curves.

In this case, simply take the brush out and use it on its own!

Packing and Shipping

The packaging is high-quality and well thought out. It’s one of those things that I really appreciate. If you’ve ever opened a new Apple product, you know what I mean.

The package is so well made that it’s the perfect place to store the Barbell Rescue when not in use!

barbell rescue packaging
I really like this little tube that it came in!

I also dig the fun branding. You can tell right away that this company understands gym culture and resistance training.

Shipping was fast. These ship out of a warehouse in TX. I’m in IL and had mine two days after placing the order. In this time of supply chain issues and product delays, I was thrilled it showed up so fast!

Barbell Rescue and Its Competition

I’m really starting to like this company and its owner.

Part of my job here at GymCrafter is bringing you as much value as possible. Many times that means I need to reach out to a company with questions. 

Bar Shield Kit

I’m always shocked at how few companies respond!

In my article on barbell care and maintenance and my YT video on the same topic, I used a bar cleaning kit by Bar Shield. It came with cleaning oil, a brush, and a microfibre cloth.

Great kit (especially the environmentally friendly, food-grade cleaning oil), but the brush sucked. Just like all the other brushes I had tried from Amazon and Home Depot.

I must have emailed them ten times with questions and got no response. They are now out of business, and I can kind of see why. 

Having a great product alone does not make a successful business!

Hybrid Athletics 360 barbell brush
The Hybrid 360 brush is definitely not 360!

Then I found the “360 barbell brush” by Hybrid Athletics. Because it actually wraps around the barbell, I excitedly ordered one… Only to be disappointed.

Sure, it was better than the fixed handle brush I’d used from Bar Shield, but it certainly didn’t wrap 360 degrees around the bar, as the name implies.

It’s more of a 180-barbell brush. You still have to work your way around the bar, spin the bar, and hope you didn’t miss a spot. And if you have small hands, good luck using it at all!

So, I reached out to Hybrid Athletics to ask about it. Several attempts with no response. Hey guys, I’m trying to recommend your product. Maybe respond to an email every now and then?!

Well, now I don’t have to hear back from either of those companies!

Only a few days after I changed my brush recommendation on my barbell cleaning article and YT video, the owner of Barbell Rescue reached out.

Long story short (too late for that, I know), this company is on top of customer service. If you ever need anything from them or have a problem, drop them an email, and you’ll hear back in a timely manner (give them some leeway, please, they are based in Alaska and in a much different time zone than most of us!).

They also set up an exclusive coupon code for GymCrafter readers! Head on over to Barbell Rescue and use the code “gymcrafter” at checkout to save 10% on your order!

The only other thing you’ll need is cleaning and lubricating oil. As I note in the video below, I’ve tried every environmentally friendly option and have found one that stands above the others. 

AIM lubricant is the best I’ve tried (including the Bar Shield oil), and it’s available pretty inexpensively here on Amazon.

The Verdict

Whether you train at home or in a commercial gym, you need a Barbell Rescue. It’s so much faster and more effective than any other option. You’ll actually use it all the time!

If you’ve ever trained at a commercial gym, you know the barbells are usually gross (and that’s being nice). If the gym allows chalk, they’re even worse! Throw one of these in your gym bag and clean that bar before using it.

If you train at home, you’ve invested a good amount of money in your barbell(s). Using this brush after every use will keep your knurl clear of chalk (and skin and blood – IYKYK) and other dirt. Then use it for your regular deep cleans and maintenance.

There are a few things that belong in every home gym. Barbell Resue is one of them.


Will this damage the finish on my barbell?

Nylon bristles are what most barbell manufacturers recommend, and they won’t damage most finishes. That said, I’ve seen poorly applied Cerakote come off simply from gripping the bar repeatedly.

How long will this brush last?

A long time. I won’t try to guess how long, but if you are training with only one or two people in a garage gym, I wouldn’t see you needing to buy a new one for quite a few years.

How do you clean the brush?

As I mentioned, all the gunk from your bar will collect inside the brush (which is where it should collect instead of your floor!). Barbell Rescue recommends using warm water and dish soap.

I like to use Dawn as it easily gets the oil off the bristles.

Barbell Rescue Barbell Brush
barbell rescue

A barbell brush designed from the ground up to do one thing remarkably well... Clean your barbells.

Product Brand: Barbell Rescue

Editor's Rating:


  • Covers the entire circumference of the barbell
  • Nylon bristles won't damage your barbell
  • Bristles clean knurling exceptionally well
  • The inner brush is removable/replaceable
  • Outer housing provides great grip
  • Outer housing collects dirt and debris
  • Stays on the bar even if you let go
  • A responsive, customer-focused company


  • It's expensive
  • Can be hard to move if gripped too tight
  • Doesn't come with oil or a cloth
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    • Having used some of those $3 brushes, I strongly disagree. Those brushes take exponentially longer to use, and they don’t do near as good a job, either. For sure, this is pricey for a brush, but every time I use mine I’m happy I bought it!

  1. Such a cool idea, I wish I’d thought of it. I’ve got an old, deep-knurl power bar that was caked with years of grime and chalk. For grins, I figured I’d give this brush the ultimate test. Not only did it work perfectly, I was amazed at how much of that stuff was caught inside the brush. I had to empty the brush several times before I was done. Worked great, I’m sold!

  2. If you take out the insert, you can use it to get to hard to reach areas on curved specialty bars. I love that this comes apart for that reason.

  3. Another great review! I really enjoy how you actually buy and use the things you review. So much better than a bunch of quoted Amazon reviews!


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