11 Ways to train in a home gym with a low ceiling – Real tips from real people

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If you’ve read my other articles on training in a low-ceiling gym, you’ve already got a good handle on the solutions available for traditional low-ceiling challenges. I reviewed the gym build-out itself, power rack solutions, cardio solutions, and I also addressed pull-up and overhead press challenges. I hope that those articles have helped at least … Read more

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Looking For a New Way to Sweat?You’re in the Right Place! Whether you are in the market for a treadmill, rower, elliptical, or other cardio machine, we’ve got you covered. Not in the mood for research? Do you just want to know what treadmill to buy? Jump straight to our Recommended Treadmill page for our … Read more

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Adding a New Rack To Your Gym?You’re In The Right Place! A power rack is the centerpiece of your home gym. If you buy the right one the first time, it will also be the last time! No matter your needs, we’ve got you covered. Not in the mood for research? Do you just want … Read more

Best Power Racks for your Home Gym

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One of the first pieces of advice I give to people building a home gym is to find room for a full power rack. Training at home often times means training without a spotter. No spotter means a high risk of injury and even death. For home gym owners, the rack is your spotter. It … Read more

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Building A Garage Gym?You’re in the Right Place! Whether you are laying down your flooring or installing the lights, we’ve got you covered. Building a home or garage gym can be a really fun experience. Especially if you have a little help from people who have done it a time or twenty😉! Want to browse … Read more